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Free Exploratory Phone Call (for new clients only).

Duration: 15-20 minutes

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This is an opportunity for you to tell me about yourself and your health concerns, to see if you think you would work well with me and, if relevant, to discuss the right support programme for you. This session  is held on the telephone. Please contact me, by email or phone, to arrange a suitable time for your exploratory phone call.

Please note, there is no obligation for you to make an appointment.

Classic Programme (support lasting 8-10 weeks)

 Price:  £375 


This includes:

  • An Initial Case Analysis Consultation and health assessment lasting approximately 90 minutes;
  • 2 x follow up consultations lasting approximately 75 minutes;
  • 2 x 20-minute coaching calls;
  • Weekly email support to answer any small questions that may arise;
  • An in depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider your symptoms, medical history, family history and lifestyle;
  • A personalised nutritional and supplement plan based on your goals;
  • A review of your food diary;
  • Current medication and nutrients interaction evaluation, if applicable;
  • Practical recipes, meal plans and shopping advice that fits in with your lifestyle;
  • GP and private clinical test recommendations and interpretation, where relevant;
  • Worksheets and handouts based on your health goals.

The Classic Package is aimed clients who want some expert advice, practical support and a more personalized nutrition and lifestyle improvement programme.

Wellness talks and workshops

I also offer a range of ‘Wellness’ talks within the community .  Workshops are designed to provide nutrition and lifestyle education and advice to individuals in small group settings. They can be targeted to your needs, may involve collaboration with other relevant professionals.  Examples of wellness talks include:

  • Diabetes and the role of Nutrition and Lifestyle medicine;
  • Chronic fatigue: What can a Nutritional Therapist do to help?
  • Nutrition and your mental health and well-being. The gut brain connection;
  • Pain and inflammation: boost your immunity;
  • Boost your Sleep and reduce your stress;
  • Easy ways to support your gut health;
  • Are you a slave to sugar?

For further information please contact Jenny.

Why do I offer Programmes rather than individual consultations?

It is likely that you are impatient to feel well. However, if your health status has been compromised for a substantial period of time, your bodily tissue has been damaged. It is therefore unlikely that optimal health and vitality will be accomplished within one or two sessions.

A comprehensive and timed programme is essential because it takes time:

  • To assess and determine the root cause of your problem;
  • To research appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes that can maximise your chance of attaining optimal health;
  • To ensure that your programme is bespoke and accommodates your goals, budget, changing health status and any prescription medication or complementary intervention;
  • To receive and interpret functional or GP tests results;
  • To liaise with relevant health care or complementary practitioners, laboratories and supplement companies;
  • For you to alter your food shopping habits, eating patterns, meal plans and to introduce relevant dietary and lifestyle changes;
  • For your bodily tissue to repair. We are all individual and our bodies heal at different rates, the efficiency of which is determined by a multitude of factors.  Although our cells are constantly being replaced, some cells are replaced more quickly than others (for example the lining of your intestine is replaced every 1-2 weeks; whereas it may take 15 years to replace your heart and muscle cells).

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I therefore offer consultation programmes. Each programme includes an initial consultation and several follow-up consultations, alongside phone or email support between appointments, to answer small questions or to troubleshoot a particular problem. The timing and scheduling of each session is tailor-made for you and determined by; your needs, timing of test results, the need to liaise with other health care or complementary professionals, laboratories and / or supplement companies and the time needed to research your case.

Your chosen programme will therefore ensure that you receive the very best of support for the most appropriate period of time for you.

Please note, all personal information is entirely confidential & will not be passed to third parties.

The Consultation Process

Step one: Book your consultation package

Step two: Complete a detailed Questionnaire

A comprehensive Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire will be forwarded to you. The questionnaire will provide you with the opportunity to document information about your medical history, medication, symptoms and lifestyle. The questionnaire also contains a 3-day food diary which must be completed as accurately and honestly as possible.

The Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire can be completed either online or by hand. Once completed, please ensure that you return the form to me as soon as possible (either electronically or by post). It is preferable that I receive your questionnaire prior to your appointment. This will provide me with sufficient time to research your health condition, symptoms, medication, diet and needs.

Step three: Book your first session

I will notify you by email once I have received your Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire and request that you contact me to book your first consultation at a time and location that are convenient for you.

Please note: consultations can be held either in the relaxed environment of my home-based clinic in Epsom or by Zoom or telephone for those unable to attend in person. If you choose to have a remote consultation, please ensure that you are in a private location, with a good broadband connection and have sufficient time and space to both talk and listen.

Step four: Initial Consultation

Your initial appointment will last approximately 90 minutes, however please allow up to 2 hoursDuring your consultation, we will discuss areas of your diet and lifestyle, and any health concerns. Relevant sections identified within the Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire will be explored. We will establish your goal and can discuss any questions that you may have.

Possible explanations identifying the root cause of your health concerns will be made.

A bespoke dietary and lifestyle programme (Health Optimisation Plan) will then be drawn up together. Your Health Optimisation Plan will contain straightforward, realistic and achievable recommendations discussed and agreed upon within the session, which address the root cause of your health concern. You will receive a copy of your Health Optimisation Plan by email, within 7 working days.

Where relevant, supporting handouts, shopping lists, supplement recommendations, meal plans & recipe ideas will also be provided. In some instances GP or functional nutrition testing may also be recommended.

Step five: Follow-up consultations

In general, a follow-up consultation will be scheduled 4-8 weeks after your initial consultation. This will allow you sufficient time to purchase identified foods (and where relevant, supplements) and to begin to introduce the recommended changes. If additional GP or functional testing has been recommended during your initial consultation, it is preferable that your follow-up session be scheduled once the results of these tests have been ascertained and interpreted.

During each follow-up session, your programme is reviewed, refined & adjusted to ensure that you receive a truly personalised dietary, lifestyle and supplement plan, essential to support you on your journey to optimal health. Follow-up consultations last approximately 60 minutes.

Please note: Email and telephone support is provided between consultations to answer small questions, and relevant, focused support.  For more detailed information, please refer to the consultation programmes.

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