Functional Testing

What is functional testing and how does it help?

Many private laboratory tests are available to help determine any imbalances and support effective intervention protocols. Functional testing provides an effective and scientific way to help me get to the root cause of your illness or disease. It focuses on the imbalances in your system as opposed to just looking at your symptoms. In doing so, it allows me to see and understand the root cause of your problems and ensure that I can provide a more personalised approach to address your health concerns.

When is functional testing recommended?

Private testing is optional and may be recommended, if appropriate and within your budget. Testing is customised to your personal health and financial needs.

Clinical laboratories used:

I use specialist clinical laboratories for all the tests recommended.

Examples of functional tests:

Test options that are available include (but are not limited to):

  • Comprehensive Adrenal stress test
  • Comprehensive stool test including the GI Effects. These evaluate your digestion, gut immunity, inflammation, gut bacteria, fungi and parasites and can also look at H pylori status and intestinal permeability.
  • Vitamin and mineral status testing including Metabolomix (Formerly termed the ONE test).
  • SIBO breath tests
  • Advanced chronic viral profile
  • Coeliac and gluten sensitivity testing (stool testing)
  • Full thyroid panels
  • Food and environmental intolerances and allergies
  • Organic acid testing
  • Toxic metal testing
  • Essential fatty acid profiles.
  • Amino acids test (urine)
  • Osteoporosis profile (urine and blood)

How can I order a test?

You can order functional tests through me and I can interpret the results for you. It is generally best to book a consultation first in order to understand what tests you may need and then we can ensure the correct test is ordered to meet your needs.

Please note, tests are charged in addition to consultation fees and are ony recommended if the findings would actively inform your nutritional protocol.

I provide a full explanation of your test results along with targeted recommendations based on these results.

For your information, some tests require additional phlebotomy services. I can provide recommendations based upon your location; however the cost of the phlebotomy services is not included in the cost of these tests.

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