Nutritional Therapy

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Personal experience has taught me that poor health can be both devastating and overwhelming. It can affect your ability to work or study, your relationships, social life, leisure pursuits and even your motivation and mental well-being. However, there is hope. There is a lot that you can do to support and improve your body’s ability to repair.

Imagine you are standing on a tack. How would you treat the pain and inflammation? The obvious answer is that you would take the tack our of your foot.  You wouldn’t just take aspirin or painkillers until it felt better, you would address the root cause of the problem. The question should always be: ‘Why do I have these symptoms and this diagnosis’?  Although you can take medication to suppress your symptoms, if the root cause of these symptoms is not addressed, you will not return to full health.

Nutritional Therapy is a science. Unlike conventional medicine which carves your body into separate specialities (such as your digestive or nervous systems), as a Nutritional Therapist, I use a functional medicine approach. Functional medicine views your body as one whole, fully functioning, integrated system. As a Nutritional Therapist, I use current, evidence-based, scientific research to understand how the food that you are eating, your environment, genetics, personal story / health history and lifestyle are affecting your health and influencing the development of your health concerns.  This knowledge can help me to understand the root cause of your symptoms.  I then work with you to explain and address these underlying imbalances and causes of illness.  By doing so, it is possible to improve your body’s ability to repair-enabling you to achieve optimum health, vitality & well-being naturally.

I am trained to consider your individual biochemical needs and to use foods, and where relevant nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes, to address these needs. I will work with you to demystify the plethora of nutritional advice currently found in the media and introduce simple, achievable, appropriate and timely dietary and lifestyle changes which support your body’s ability to function correctly.

Once your bodily tissue can begin to repair, you can start to notice profound changes in your health and vitality: how you look, feel and think.
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Why visit a Nutritional Therapist?

There are many reasons why you may seek a Nutritional Therapist’s support as a powerful partner in your fight for health:

  • You may have seen your GP who has run all the relevant tests and may have provided you with a diagnosis and, where relevant, prescription medication. However, despite this, your symptoms have not improved and you continue to struggle with your health. You know that you need more than conventional medical treatment can offer to help you feel better. You wonder if changing your diet and lifestyle may help.
  • You may simply want to understand why you do not feel as well as you used to feel.
  • You may want to do everything possible to help improve one or more aspects of your health, such as how you look, feel or think, in a way that suits you.
  • You may want to work with a Nutritionist who is happy to work alongside medical or complementary therapy professionals to safely and effectively deliver the care and nutritional guidance that is best for you in addition to your medical treatment. As a complementary therapy, not an alternative medicine, Nutritional Therapy works well alongside conventional medicine and is relevant to individuals with a range of health conditions, as well as those looking for support to enhance their health and well-being.
  • You may like someone to truly listen to you, who understands your story, addresses your health concerns and guides you to make powerful choices.
  • You may wish to introduce dietary and lifestyle changes yet feel confused about your options due to the plethora advice available in the media alongside well-meaning advice from family and friends.
  • You may want tailor-made support specifically designed to meet your health needs and goals.

If any of these statements describe how you are feeling, then you have come to the right place.As a Registered Nutritional Therapist, I can help you learn exactly what you need to change and how to make those changes long lasting.  

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What should you expect when you visit to a Nutritional Therapist?

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist, I will:

  • Assess your health, including your medical and family history;
  • Ask you about your symptoms and how they have changed;
  • Look at your diet and lifestyle and assess your nutritional status;
  • Evaluate your current medication and any nutrient interactions, if applicable;
  • Recommend GP and private functional testing and provide interpretation, where appropriate.

I will then work with you to devise a personalised Nutritional and Lifestyle plan, introducing manageable changes to support your health. This may include:

  • Relevant dietary and lifestyle recommendations and advice;
  • Practical recipes, meal plans, a cupboard sort and shopping advice;
  • Functional tests and / or supplement recommendations and guidance;
  • The provision of relevant worksheets and handouts.

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My approach:


Rather than just addressing your diagnosis and related symptoms, I work with you to determine possible contributory risk factors that may be affecting your biochemistry and triggering your symptoms.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I will conduct an initial holistic assessment of your diet, lifestyle, symptoms, health & family history to identify any nutritional imbalances or factors which may be contributing to your health concerns & symptoms. If potential causes remain unclear, I may advise GP or private functional laboratory testing (such as an evaluation of your gut function, nutritional deficiencies, or bacterial overgrowth) to clarify any contributing underlying biochemical imbalances. Please see information on relevant diagnostic tests.

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Once assessed, I will then help you understand the potential origins of your condition. I will use my knowledge of nutrition, food, nutrients, environmental and lifestyle factors to explain to you the root cause of your symptoms. Written handouts may be provided for you to read at your leisure after your consultation.
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Personalised Health Optimisation Plan

I will then work with you to design a bespoke nutritional and lifestyle programme using a wide variety of delicious food choices, to meet your health needs and help change your body’s biochemical environment.   Changes introduced will address the root cause of your symptoms, empowering you to regain control over your own health and reach your health goals.


A simple, achievable nutritional & lifestyle programme, tailor made to address the root cause of your symptoms alongside your goals, preferences, budget and needs, is designed with you to help you improve your body’s ability to repair & empower you to reach your health goals and achieve optimum vitality and well-being naturally. In some instances, nutritional supplements are used. Your programme is regularly reviewed and adjusted during follow-up consultations, to support you on your journey to optimal health.

Every individual seen is unique and any advice provided is tailor-made to address your health concerns, dietary and lifestyle preferences, budget, medication, symptoms and needs at a pace that suits you. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and no two programmes are the same. Changes are introduced gently and over time to ensure that they are achievable and that you do not feel overwhelmed. Your programme is reviewed and adjusted during follow-up consultations to support you on your journey to optimal health. Click here to read more about the consultation programmes I offer.

The 6 R’s

There are a wide range of approaches that may be of benefit to you. These can be explored to ensure that the right one is chosen to meet your specific needs. However, in general, I use the 6 R’s approach outlined below. The staging and timing of the protocol are essential to the success of the programme and although written as 6 steps, one or more of these may be undertaken simultaneously as required:

  1. Remove: I will work with you to remove factors that may be triggering an inflammatory response (such as foods, toxins, hidden or latent infections and stress).
  2. Replace: We will replace any foods and nutrients that your body may be lacking, to promote and support its ability to repair, metabolise, digest, detoxify, signal effectively and ensure our genes can express themselves appropriately. In some instances, nutritional supplements are recommended.
  3. Repair: We will help support bodily tissue that has been damaged by the immune systems response by ensuring that the correct nutrients are in place to help it heal.
  4. Re-inoculate: Beneficial bacteria are vital to support not only our gut function but our overall health. At the correct time in your programme, we will ensure that these are introduced, using either probiotic food sources and / or supplementation if required.
  5. Re-balance: This stage addresses you as a whole to ensure that all relevant additional factors have been addressed to promote your health and well-being. This may include: your diet, lifestyle, family, hydration, sleep, stress levels and genes.
  6. Retest: Nutritional Therapy is a science and retesting is therefore a vital aspect of any nutritional programme. Retesting relevant components of your health helps determine the biochemical effectiveness of any intervention and also highlights any additional areas which may need to be addressed.

I hope that what I have written helps give you a brief overview of how making changes to your own diet and lifestyle can influence how well your body can work both physically and mentally and thereby can influence your overall health status.

If you would like more information or professional help to start improving your health, please contact me today.


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Summary of the services I offer:

One to one Nutritional Therapy consultations programmes

I offer confidential, personalised one-to-one Nutritional Therapy consultations in the relaxed environment of my clinic in the beautiful market town of Epsom.  I also offer consultations to clients in their own homes or offices in Epsom & within the Surrey area. Alternatively, Skype or telephone consultations are available for clients living outside these areas, abroad, or for those unable to attend in person (although face-to-face initial consultations are preferable).

All clients will receive a Health Optimisation Plan containing written recommendations that have been discussed. Where relevant, supporting handouts, shopping lists, supplement recommendations, meal plans & recipe ideas are provided. All personal information is entirely confidential & will not be passed to third parties.  Click here for details of the consultation process, consultation packages & pricing.

Telephone & email support

Telephone & email support is provided throughout your programme & is included in the consultation fee. Please refer to the different consultation programmes for levels of support offered.
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Functional Testing

Any private diagnostic functional testing, conducted by specialist clinical laboratories, will be discussed during your consultation & will only be recommended if the findings are appropriate, will inform your health goals & nutritional protocol & are within your budget

Test options may include:

  • Vitamin and mineral status screening;
  • Hormonal screening;
  • Autoimmune profile testing;
  • Stool analysis (which can help evaluate your: digestion, absorption, inflammation and intestinal permeability alongside assessing for any yeast, candida and gut micro flora imbalance);
  • Coeliac Disease;
  • Gluten and grain sensitivity testing.

Most test samples can be taken in the privacy of your own home before being sent to the specific clinical laboratory for analysis. If you require a blood draw, this can be taken by your practice nurse, or at the clinical laboratory phlebotomy service.

I will provide a full explanation of your test results and introduce targeted recommendations based upon these.

Please note, Functional testing is not included in your consultation fee.  A test interpretation fee may also be charged in addition to your consultation, depending upon the complexity of the test used. This will be discussed beforehand.
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Supplement advice

Full details of appropriate supplements, recommended brands & trusted suppliers will be provided where relevant. Please note, supplements are not included in the consultation fee.
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Wellness talks and workshops

I also offer workshops and talks within the community to relevant support groups, corporations and NHS health promotion clinics.

Workshops are designed to provide nutrition and lifestyle education and advice to individuals in small group settings. They can be targeted to your needs, may involve collaboration with other relevant professionals, and may incorporate:

  • Interactive guidance;
  • Recipes;
  • Cookery demonstrations;
  • The provision of relevant worksheets and handouts.

Examples of talks and workshops include:

  • Diabetes and the role of Nutrition and Lifestyle medicine;
  • Chronic fatigue: How can a Nutritional Therapist help?
  • Nutrition and your mental health and well-being. The gut brain connection;
  • Pain and inflammation: boost your immunity;
  • Boost your Sleep and reduce your stress;
  • Easy ways to support your gut health;
  • Are you a slave to sugar?

For further information, please contact Jenny.

Please note:  Nutritional Therapy is a complementary therapy that can work well alongside other medical or complementary therapies. It does not replace any medical advice. I work in collaboration with your GP for the best and safe practice. Clients are always encouraged to consult with their GP regarding any health concerns or for advice, diagnosis & treatment. To get the most out of dietary and lifestyle interventions, please seek professional advice, as there is a plethora of misleading information currently available which may not be beneficial or specifically intended to meet your own identified needs. I am happy to work alongside other healthcare professionals or complementary therapists involved in your care to explain your Nutritional Therapy programme & to ensure it is safely & effectively implemented.

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