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Welcome to ImmunoNutrition

 Do you feel tired all the time or suffer from chronic, long-term fatigue? Do you have a weakened immune system or are you struggling to manage your digestive health, weight, cognitive function, hormonal or blood sugar balance?

My name is Jenny Conway and I am a professionally trained, registered and fully insured Nutritional Therapist. I provide expert Nutrition and Lifestyle advice to clients and specialise in supporting individuals who are struggling with gut health concerns, chronic long term fatigue, diabetes or an autoimmune disease. All advice is tailor-made to address the root cause of your symptoms and can thereby empower you to achieve optimum health and well-being naturally. I have seen incredible changes in my own health and in the health of my clients and would love to do the same for you. Contact

Every meal is an opportunity to heal.
Making small changes to your diet and lifestyle can lead to profound changes in your health, vitality and energy: how you look, think and feel!